Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middlesex on HBO?

Rita Wilson, aka Ms. Tom Hanks, is looking to bring the novel Middlesex to the small screen as an hour-long drama on HBO. I'm not sure what to think about that. I can see how it would work - following the life of a hermaphrodite - but do you think people would watch it?

I tried to think of other books that have become TV shows: Little House on the Prairie, Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, True Blood (those last two are based on books, right?)... but what else? I think this is less of an occurrence than book-to-big-screen.


doahleigh said...

I actually really enjoyed reading Middlesex. I don't get HBO, but I think this a show I'd watch on DVD later.

CMS said...

Middlesex as a movie could be really good or really, really awful.

willikat said...

Hmmm.... I loved Middlesex. And I loved Virgin Suicides (in print). I thought that the movie was pretty boring... the text doesn't translate well. I wonder if it'd be the same with Middlesex.

the garden harlot said...

i'm currently about halfway through "middlesex" and stopped to google the idea of if anyone was planning to turn it into a movie. both evidences i've found are from the summer of 2009. so i'm curious if any new developments happened since then, but your blog was one of the two sites i found noting a screenplay in the works.

as much as i usually don't want great books turned into films, this is one i'm interested in seeing hit an hbo-set screen. the novel's inner-workings are so complex, like stretches of miracles across a fat stack of pages, that i can't really quite imagine how a film would even play out. i suppose that's why i'm curious, and i kind of hope it happens.

i think non-dull people who are actually curious about learning and absorbing all that is out there in life would check out such a film, especially those who have read the book.