Monday, July 6, 2009

Heather McElhatton

I read Pretty Little Mistakes, by Heather McElhatton, last year and really enjoyed it. I've put her latest book, Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single, on my Amazon Wish List, and I look forward to A Million Little Mistakes coming out sometime soon.

McElhatton is from Minnesota, a former producer for Minnesota Public Radio, so it's obvious the local Star Tribune would interview her for an article. She's a humorous, engaging woman, with a talent I envy. She thinks there should be a genre rivaling Chick Lit called Bitch Lit and she has interesting views on matrimony.

My favorite quote from the article is the last one: "I love traveling, but there's nowhere else in the world but Minnesota where I can recharge my batteries. I think of it as the world's library: It's cold, quiet, calm, peaceful, thoughtful -- and there's plenty of parking."

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Alea said...

I had a great time with Pretty Little Mistakes, I hope A Million Little Mistakes comes out soon, I feel like I've been waiting forever!