Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Look Back 2008, The One that Still Has Me Thinking: Middlesex

Since I’ve read Middlesex, I’ve thought about it plenty of times. Several people I know have read it too, and we’ve had discussions about it. I’ve thought about it, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I think Eugenides is a very talented writer. Unlike some other reviewers, I was never bored reading Middlesex. The language and imagery he used was pretty beautiful. However, the story’s subject matter – the young life of a hermaphrodite - is pretty heartbreaking and at times tough to digest. So as with all books that make me sad and hope for better for the characters, I know I liked it, I know I’m glad I read it, I just don’t know if I loved it.

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CMS said...

I completely agree. This reminds me of a story I heard this weekend. My sister-in-law Trish, who does hair, said that one of her regular male clients is having surgery to become a female. And he's MARRIED. And his wife is VERY supportive. They're not getting divorced, but once his surgery is final, their marriage will apparently be annulled because it's not legal to be married to a same-sex person.