Friday, December 26, 2008

A Look Back 2008, The Most Fun: Twilight

Without a doubt, the most fun I had reading this year were those two weeks in July and August when I was consumed with the Twilight series. I was instantly drawn into the story of Bella and Edward, a good-girl-meets-vampire tale. I loved the romance and the mythology. But most of all, these books were something different. Sure, because they’re young adult novels they can be mentioned in the same breath as Harry Potter, but they’re so much different than those. (I love both series.)

Of course there are some things I didn’t like about the books, but when I look back and remember how I read them all so fast, with such great interest, and the debates the books provided for me with co-workers and friends, it’s been a great ride. And with the movie coming out, the ride was extended.

Which is good, because I’ve never felt such withdrawal from reading until I was done with those books. I was depressed. Nothing I read for weeks after held any part of my interest. I missed Bella and Edward and all the Cullens. I thought I did a smart thing, not realizing what the books even were until just before the fourth one came out and reading them all back to back. However, I think that ended up causing the depression. With Harry Potter, I was used to waiting, and by the time book seven appeared, I had fully prepared myself for the sadness I would feel. But this? Well, this was just awful. (And my girlfriend felt it, too, so I don’t feel completely lame.)

Fortunately it went away. And with the release of the movie, some of the excitement returned. However, I felt the same withdrawal the day after the movie. Fortunately, that didn’t last as long.

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maega said...

I flew threw them so fast that I'm reading the 1st again- and loving it the same. There are subtle jokes and themes that I didn't catch the 1st time through. The hubby is also reading the 1st- and it is interesting to hear his perspective : )

CMS said...

I have YOU to thank for getting me into those books!