Friday, December 5, 2008

Cutting Back: Magazine Subscriptions

I read this short article online at Folio which cited a Forrester Research study that found while 77 percent of people plan to keep their current number of magazines subscriptions for the near future, 18 percent plan to cut back. Those with multiple (more than five) subscriptions - 24 percent anticipate cutting back. And the harder hit type of magazine will be the consumer magazine (not business-to-business). (I was also amazed to read that more than 700 new magazines formed in 2007. How many of those do you think are still around?)

We get a lot of magazines at the house. I pay for Wired ($10/year) and EW ($36/year). I also get Domino, which was a gift. The hubby gets Esquire, Scientific American, Spin, PlayStation, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated and Motor Trend. My EW is my Sunday escape reading, so I'd really miss it. I get Wired primarily for work, but I may not renew when the time comes. And I'm not planning to start any new magazines subscriptions (I used to get several others, but I cut back last year).

I think the hubby also plans to cut back, especially when we find we don't read them all. He loves the PlayStation magazine (reads it cover to cover), most issues of SI (which I actually got on a deal for $2 for a year, so um yeah, can't go wrong there, especially for a weekly) and his car mag. But the rest are up for consideration, I think.

So, what about you? How many magazines do you get? And is this something that you're looking to cut back on in the upcoming year? As a magazine editor, I can't help but be sad at this trend - I love magazines! - but I do understand. :)


4you said...

I got a few gift subscriptions (Rolling Stone-in it's new small form, Paste, Spin) that I'm letting lapse because I just can't read them, which saddens me. Keeping the EW and I get two mags with my memberships for Toastmasters and League of Women Voters. I think I'm going to join the Domino fray this year. I'm also considering getting InStyle just for a change.

Anonymous said...

We currently receive three magazines. Two by virtue of memberships in organizations, and Eating Well, which we ordered. We're going to let Eating Well go, but we each asked for a new subscription for Christmas! We regularly read Money and the Mpls St. Paul mag, but I am able to take the old issues from we don't need to subscribe!

willikat said...

I gets lots o' subs. And I get great deals, and I consider that part of my entertainment budget, and it's cheap entertainment! :) So I get Domino, Elle Decor, Everyday Food (the small Martha one), Allure (was a gift sub), Lucky (got a super cheapie on that one but I'm not gonna renew...), then I get New York (will renew, it's AWESOME), I'd like to re-up the New Yorker (haven't had it for a year, ready to take on the challenge again), I got Bon Appetit as a strange gift with my mediabistro membership (letting that lapse). William gets a couple bicycling mags, Esquire, Details, Juxtapoz (not renewing), Budget Travel, too. I'd like to get Real Simple, too. I think I get a couple more, but can't seem to think of it.

willikat said...

I forgot, I also get Body + Soul and it rocks. And I just got a sub to Bitch again.

4you said...

oh, Bitch! I got an email from them today and almost renewed. Good mag.

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