Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Library Hotel, New York City

No, no. I didn't make a trip to NYC over the holiday weekend. However, my boss did, to attend the US Open, and he stayed at what perhaps may be my dream hotel: the Library Hotel. The hotel's floors are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System (Social Sciences, Literature, History, General Knowledge, etc.) with each room themed with a collection of books and art pieces pertaining to a specific topic within each category. (For example, my boss stayed on the Math & Science floor in the Botany room.)

Common areas such as The Reading Room (with 24-hour refreshments), The Writers Den and The Poetry Garden offer additional spaces to relax and learn, plus the hotel offers free breakfast every day and a complimentary wine and cheese reception nearly every afternoon. Books and wine, are you kidding me?

I know my girl Willikat would love to stay on the Technology floor in the Health and Beauty room, while my bff 4you would choose the Literature floor and the Fairy Tales suite. I personally would be all over the General Knowledge floor/Journalism or New Media room or the Love room (pictured, right) on the Philosophy floor. Maybe someday.

What do you think? Sound cool or what? Where would you want to stay?


Anonymous said...

I'd stay on the Arts floor in Performing Arts or on the General Knowledge floor in Journalism, though the Classics room on the Literature Floor also appeals (if they had a Shakespeare room that would be my #1).

CMS said...

I'd stay in the Poetry Room on the Literature Floor (or maybe Erotic Literature? ha ha). I'm guessing Aaron would choose either the Money Room or New Media on the Math & Science Floor. What a cool concept for a hotel. I bet J & S had a blast there.

Alea said...

WOW! I'd stay on any floor! Something with young adult fiction!