Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pretty Books

I was reading my latest issue of Domino last night, and I came across a short piece titled "Bookish Eye Candy." The section highlighted five different publishers making their titles artful - perfect for dressing up any bookshelf.

Melville House takes some the world's most famous novellas - some that have never been published in book form before - and presents them simply in its The Art of the Novella line:

Penguin Books brings back some of the world's most debated books, such as Marx's Communist Manifesto, books by Freud and Common Sense by Thomas Paine, in its Great Ideas series. The covers are just beautiful using blues, greens and reds in letterpress style (this is just one example - there several):

Peresphone Books, a U.K.-based publisher offers books for women, by women, about women in lovey gray book jackets with unique fabric endpapers in each one. Seriously, lovely:


willikat said...

I get Domino, too! Love it.

doahleigh said...

Thank you so much for the comment over at my place. It means a lot that even strangers are checking in on me, and I liked the poem as well.

I see you know willikat. She's been so great to me the last five weeks. You Minnesota people are pretty awesome!