Monday, April 28, 2008

Middlesex: Spoiler Post

If you haven't read Middlesex, but plan to (I recommend it, by the way), please don't read past this paragraph. Or do so at your own risk. For those of you who have read the book, I have some questions/feelings that I wanted to run by you. Please fill me in on your thoughts.

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*******SPOILER ALERT********




I began Book Four today, so I've now met Dr. Luce and he's given Callie and her parents his diagnosis: she should remain a girl.

1. I know this is his profession, he's a doctor and his work should be beneficial to Callie, however, did you ever feel his actions were a bit inappropriate? Showing her porn. Seeming to get pleasure from the porn himself. "Examining" her without letting her know what he was doing and why. I know it was the 70s and I know it's fiction, but I still feel all those "tests" should have been explained and consent should have been given (waivers signed, etc.). I mean, as a 14-year-old girl, I would think all of that would have felt really, really wrong.

2. Do you think that Callie making her decision to become a boy happened a little quickly? She decided within hours. I know her surgery was coming up quickly, but in reality, if you lived as a girl for 14 years, would you be able to change your mind that easily? Would you be able to make such an 'adult' decision that quickly? I almost feel a child that age would go along with what her parents and doctor wanted because she wouldn't know what else to do. Or do you think Callie was feeling so much like a boy already, it just made sense to her once she found out - which in turn made the decision easy?

It's all very interesting to me and very sad. Sad because I wish the adults in this situation could've gotten things figured out much sooner. Thoughts? Anything else that puzzled you?

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willikat said...

in She's Not There, Jennifer explained that when you wake up every morning, you know inherently if you are a man or a woman, without thinking about it. maybe callie knew she was a boy. not that that transition would be easy... but probably easier than staying something you are not? just venturing a guess.