Thursday, April 24, 2008


As I was trying to peel the "Oprah's Book Club" sticker off my copy of Middlesex (to no avail - too sticky), I wondered how many other people are like me. Are you embarrassed if the book you're reading has that infamous sticker on it? I am, but why? (Willikat also made a comment on my last post about enjoying/reading Middlesex "before Oprah," so that also partially inspired this post.)

I'm not an Oprah fan, so maybe I try to peel off the sticker because I don't want people thinking I actually take her recommendations. I don't. It just so happens she recommends some good books, so her book club sticker is plastered over many a covers at Target and other stores.

Maybe it's because I didn't agree with her almighty response and public reprimanding of James Frey, after he made her look like a fool for defending him in his A Million Little Pieces debacle. I may be one of the few people who haven't read his book, however, I read all memoirs knowing that some facts may be exaggerated or placed out of order for whatever reasons. That's no reason to publicly humiliate the guy even more.

Maybe it's because some authors don't even want to be mentioned in the same sentence as "Oprah's Book Club," yet their books still get the sticker (and their publicists probably love it).

Maybe it has to do with reasons completely unrelated to reading and books.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm happy her book club gets people reading. If that's what it takes, by all means. I just personally prefer not to associate my book choices with her. I make the decision about what I read based on other reviews, friend recommendations and just gut feelings.

Anyone agree? How do you decide what to read? Oprah fans out there, I don't mean to offend...


victoria winters said...

Oh, yeah. That sticker definitely comes off our books - ain't no way I want people to think I chose a book because she did! Try Goo Gone!

willikat said...

i actually love oprah. but i feel like i can make good book choices without her. she has picked a lot of books that i already happened to read, and i don't want her to get credit for my good taste! :)i just don't want people thinking i'm a bandwagon kind of girl (even if i am for other things).
one thing you can try for the sticker: hold a hairdryer a couple of inches away for a few seconds. it should warm the glue and loosen it and you might be able to slide it off. i use that trick with stickers on glasses or plates or whatever.

kristine said...

agree. totally.