Friday, January 11, 2008

Love is a Mix Tape, Part II

The last few chapters I've read have been about when Rob met Renee, their courting days and then their marriage. He writes about how they used to go for drives and sing along to the music, doing duets - her Mary, him Peter and Paul, etc.

This reminded me of an ultimate geekdom story from my past: Sitting on the marching band bus on the way to a parade sophomore year of high school, alternating the parts of California Dreamin' with the back of the bus. Whenever I hear that song (which is often as it's on my iPod, thank you Forrest Gump soundtrack) I think of this time in my life. Every time.

Rob also talks about adjusting to living with someone, and the fights you have. It's funny how all couples fight about pretty much the same things. When they fought, he liked to wash dishes to make himself calm down. His washing dishes mix tape was the Top 40 hits of 1992. You know, Kris Kross "Jump" (sixth grade Halloween party for me); Madonna "This Used to be my Playground" (remember A League of Their Own?); and Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy" (who doesn't have memories about this song?).

Love this book so far.

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Anonymous said...

I love making mix tapes! The most memorable ones for me are the ones I run to. They keep me going or give me that extra push when I want to quit. I will always remember how I'd wait to hear “Say Shhh” at the end of Atmosphere’s Sevens…when I was running in GA because I hoped that one day I'd cross the finish line in Minnesota to that song. 2007 was that year. And I got a personal best for that race, too! Shhh...