Monday, January 7, 2008

Deception Point

When I have to make a trip to the library for more books to read, the selection is rather limited. This is usually when I find my go-to authors and pick books from their selections that I haven’t read yet (Picoult, Weiner, Landvik and other Minnesota authors, etc.). Before the holidays I finished reading my last library book, Deception Point by Dan Brown.

I hadn’t read Dan Brown's work before The Da Vinci Code. And, I really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code. It had mystery, action, adventure. Also, the protagonists were smart people. I didn’t really get caught up in the hype of the book (Was Jesus married? And so on.) I just liked the story. I then read Angels and Demons, featuring Robert Langdon as the hero again, and the prequel to Code (you don’t have to read them in order). I liked this book even better. The thing I think is so funny about Brown’s books is that everything happens in one 24-hour period. No time to eat, no time to sleep, no time to go to the bathroom. It’s like 24 in book form.

I forgot about this detail until I started reading Deception Point and the first 200 pages took place in 6 hours. Oh yeah, I thought, everything will happen in one, very tiring day. Imagine escaping death five different times in 24 hours, all the while solving the greatest mystery in the world. That’s the thing though, these books aren’t meant to change the world or how I, the reader, views it. It’s just a great form of escape. In Deception Point, NASA has discovered evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth. Or have they? I enjoyed it. Again, it didn't change my life, but I was perfectly entertained. I think Brown goes pretty crazy with his research, but I’d like to hear from someone who read this who also knows about space, meteorites, ice shelves, the ocean, etc. How far off is he?

Why is there an uproar when it comes to questioning religion (Brown never claimed Code as fact), but the idea that we all may be extraterrestrials doesn’t raise an eyebrow? I’m not being completely serious here, I just find it interesting what people get so fired up about.

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Delta One said...

I think it is an entertaining read. I have read a few other Dan Brown novels, but the twists and surprises in this novel kept me guessing. Toward the end of the novel, I could predict what the ending would be.