Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love is a Mix Tape, Finale

I finished this book last night. I read about Renee's death on the bus, but it didn't make me cry like I thought it would. Maybe that's because I knew it was coming for the entirety of the book? I mean, it says so right on the back. However, the final two chapters made me weep as I read before I went to bed. He talked about what it meant to be a widow, a young widow. You're this animal alone in your world. No one knows what you're going through. All your friends still have their significant others. He talked about all the new bands and songs that came about after Renee's death that she would love and how hard it was to love something without her to share it with him.

Sadder for me then her death, was Rob telling how he eventually (many years later) fell in love again. It felt like a betrayal to me, though in my heart of hearts, I know it would be important to let yourself love again. I loved this book and I highly recommend it to those who love music, all kinds of music, and those who love deeply every day.


On a musical note, I've been listening to Liz Phair this week. I can think of no other person but Willikat when I listen to Liz Phair, and not because she met Liz or loves her to death, but because it brings me back to one of the first times I hung out with Willikat. I remember sitting on the floor of her college apartment bedroom as she played Liz songs for me over and over, and sang her favorite parts to me. Willikat makes some of the best mix CDs and I'm lucky to be the proud recipient of a couple of them myself. Just as I'm lucky to be her friend.

My bff 4you also made a very special mix CD for me, featuring lovely, but rockin', songs by PJ Harvey, Liz Phair and a bonus Offspring track. I played this CD as background music on the first several dates with hubby - we would stay up late talking, listening and laughing to this CD. Those songs will always hold a special place in my heart, bringing me back to the time I fell in love for real life and for forever.


willikat said...

awwww thanks! i'm flattered. i do love la liz. i should make you some more mix tapes. 4you and i should hang out more....we like a LOT of the same music. i heart pj harvey too.
i didn't cry either when he told about renee's death. ...was a shocker for me. and i know also that he had to move on, esp. at a young age, but i guess....i just wanted tot hink of he and renee together forever. but i guess they kind of are..especially now with the book out. i loved the book.

Anonymous said...

I'm flattered too! Never knew that ya'll listened to my mixes. (my boy and I listened to the Paste mix tape-that you gave me-the other night, it was one of my favorite nights with him.) Nothing like having memories linked to music. Hearing a song years later and having the feeling from back then flood over you. Recently I listened to Lauren Hill and it totally brought me back to college. Not the best memories of college, but the happiness that album brought me.