Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Picture, 10 nominations

I know this isn't book related, but I'd love to get some opinions. The Academy has announced that starting for 2009, 10 films will compete for the Best Picture Oscar. With only one winner.

I can see what they're doing. Several times there's been uproar over films absent from the Academy's top category (The Dark Knight, for example, as well as numerous noteworthy comedies that never make the cut. For some reason Best = Drama.). So, increase the number of nominees, and people/studios will be happier, right? After all, it's just an honor to be nominated.

With that in mind, sure, 10 noms sounds like a great idea. However, I stumble on the fact that there will still only be five slots for best director, actor and actress (supporting, screenplay, song, etc.). Does that seem fair? Particularly in the director category? How can you claim a film is one of the best, yet its director is not. (Granted, this still happens with just five slots. Directors get left off all the time. That doesn't mean it makes sense to me.) And, if a wider range/number of films can be up for the honor, why not the actors who starred in them? But then, it would be pretty ridiculous to make every category 10 nominations long, wouldn't it?

My quick opinion: Leave well enough alone. Your thoughts?


maega said...

I agree- leave it alone. It is a confusing enough process as it is, to add this layer seems weird.

Em said...

I agree. Plus, I don't think there are really 10 Best Picture quality films every year. Although, maybe Oscar could follow the Globes and have a category for best picture - drama, and best picture- musical/comedy. That might be interesting.

willikat said...

Sometimes even the top four or five best pictures SUCK. Case in point: Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I like Em's suggestion. Also, more attention to documentaries!!

Aim said...

How about up to 10, with a minimim of five nominations? That way in years when there truly are more than five movies that are worthy of being nominated, it is possible. If there just aren't ten movies that are up to par, I don't want to waste my time watching the clips on awards night and degrading the quality of the pool. And as for comedies (or any other nomination-worthy movie that isn't a drama), the Academy should just treat them the same as any other movie. "Best Picture" should truly be the Best Picture of the year. Both changes would make nominations more meaningful.