Friday, March 27, 2009

New England White, Part II

OK, so since my last post just a few days ago, New England White has really picked up. Julia's found some bravery deep inside her, and armed with extremely vague clues left to her, and only her, by the victim, she's set out to find the truth. She's poking around some shady parts of town, breaking and entering, traveling to Boston, Harlem and Paris looking for answers, all the while being followed by characters we know, as well as characters we don't yet know.

As more and more of the story unravels, the more interesting it gets. Julia's husband is a very powerful man, but even though she's been married to him for 20 years, she's just discovering how far a reach his power has. And that's not always a good thing. Can you imagine not really knowing the person you're married to? Plus, the present day murder of Julia's former lover corresponds to a death that happened 30 years ago - and let's just say, people aren't too happy with her for digging it all back up.

The mystery is very good. I have no idea who did what. I have some thoughts, but I can't know for sure, and then with each chapter a new clue reveals itself and my current thought is proven wrong (or is it?). I think the mystery works so well because the answers to the clues are not answers the reader can know. They come from Julia's past, a past that hasn't been shared with us yet. Some other books' mysteries lay out the clues for you in the preceding pages, and if they're not hidden well enough, you can figure things out. I like both types of mysteries. With New England White, I don't expect to know the truth until the end, which makes it that much more fun to read. However, when a book lays out all the clues I need, and then still surprises me because I didn't see the ending coming, that's very good writing, too.

I have only about 100 pages left, so I expect to finish very soon. Then the question is, What should I read next?


CMS said...

Have you ever read What Happened to Anna K.? We're supposed to read that for Book Club. Those who have finished the book gave it RAVE reviews. (I haven't even started reading it. Chop, chop. Better get on that since we're meeting next week!)

Stacy said...

I wish I had the focus to read as much as you do!! Hmmm...maybe I should cancel my cable and fill my time with the library! oooh...that sounds like a great idea (and a total money saver too)