Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Monster of Florence, Finale

I finished The Monster of Florence tonight. The last half of the book started in the 2000s, with author Doug Preston arriving with his family in Italy to work on a new thriller. He met journalist Mario Spezi and became fast friends. They decided to write an article for The New Yorker about The Monster of Florence (which never got published because 9-11 happened), so Preston got up to speed on the case. It's during this time that we learn Spezi's theory of who the real Monster is, and I have to say I completely agree with his idea. Unlike the Italian police, Spezi has actual evidence that who he thinks it is could actually be the right guy. Spezi and Preston even go to this person's house and interview him.

The thing is, the Italian police think they have the right guy. But they're using false witnesses and falsified evidence to make their case. The wrong man even goes to prison. And then, the police turn on the journalists when Preston and Spezi come out against them. The rest of the book is just unreal. Wrongful imprisonments, intense interrogations, police corruption, etc. I couldn't believe the things I was reading, and I can't imagine what Preston was thinking or feeling when all this was happening.

Being a journalist myself, all this was so interesting, yet so scary for me to read. But I enjoyed the book. True crime, and the author was even a part of it for a little while. What a story!


CMS said...

I have a true crime story idea for you. There was once this sweet, calm, down-to-earth, talented journalist who SNAPPED one day and went on a killing spree because she was sick of always changing the paper towels at work!!!!

A. said...

You make me laugh! It did look like I was ready to kill someone today, didn't it? Ugh. It's just everything all at once - and the paper towels and the dishwasher got the brunt of it today. :)

But seriously, why can't other people learn how to change the paper towels! It could drive someone crazy...