Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coffee, Community & Books

As I was buying a coffee at my local Dunn Bros., I saw an advertisement up for Winter Jackets, a book club sponsored by MELSA, the Metropolitan Library Service Agency. Those who participate in Winter Jackets (by reading library books and going to book events at local libraries) receive a Dunn Bros. Roastmaster Rewards Community Giving card. With this card, users receive discounts on coffee and beans, and in turn, Dunn Bros. gives 10 percent of the dollars spent back to local libraries.

I thought this was a good idea, and puts together two of my favorite things: books and warm beverages. Plus, Dunn Bros. does this for many organizations, not just libraries, so it’s a really cool community-support effort.

So, where are your favorite places to buy coffee? Do you use reward cards? Would you participate in a book club like this?


Charley said...

Coffee & Books - 2 of the best things ever! I think this sounds like a great idea. Everybody wins.

willikat said...

I HEART Dunn Bros coffee. So good. Especially the chocolate steamed nirvana. amazing.

A. said...

Charley - I agree. A total win-win situation.

Willikat - that's what I almost always get at Dunn! With skim milk and no whip. Yum!

4you said...

Amore cafe on Grand! Best espresso ever. Because they are a really neigborhood-y place I feel like I'm helping the community by buying there. They do a lot of support for local radio and the local grand ave. neighborhood group.