Monday, March 7, 2011

I may not go to the movies, but I do have Netflix

Remember when I saw nine movies in less than 4 months? In the theater, no less? Wow. Times. Have. Changed. However, with a husband that works nights every so often, a baby in bed and a Netflix account, I’ve been able to watch a few more movies lately, which, I have to say, has been great.

Whip It: Roller Girls have always intrigued me. For some reason, I think I could be good at a sport like this. Plus, it’s a hard-hitting, fast-paced sport For Girls. Which is awesome. The movie was cute. Ellen Page was her typical self. The storyline was sweet. And while I’m not a huge fan of hers on SNL, Kristen Wiig really impressed me in this movie. She was thoughtful, engaging and one of my favorite characters. I’d recommend it for a girls’ night movie, because these ladies kick ass.

The Social Network: My husband and I watched this together and we really liked it. I wasn’t too concerned since I’ve loved all things Aaron Sorkin since Sports Night (which was so before its time and canceled way too early). It was really interesting to watch an empire being created from the ground up. Eisenberg made Zuckerberg seem like an incredible douche and villain - with the touch of a (broken) heart - but yet, you still pulled for him. This was also one of my first exposures to Andrew Garfield, and I really liked him as an actor. JT wasn’t so bad either. We enjoyed discussing after the movie who really deserved part of the fortune, and who got away with a lot of money for doing so very little.

The Kids Are All Right: I liked this movie, too. It’s nothing flashy or groundbreaking, really, just nice. It was nice to watch a movie about two women raising a family where the fact that they were lesbians (or the fact that the kids had two moms) was not an issue. It just told it like it is. Marriage is hard. Motherhood is hard. People screw up, and then you still love them. Why Julianne Moore wasn’t nominated, though, is beyond me. She was terrific.

Catfish: I first heard about this documentary on Ellen (must’ve been a sick day or something), when she had the filmmakers on and just raved about the movie and the “twist.” It studies and documents the relationship of 24-year-old Nev with a family he meets on Facebook. And things aren’t as they seem. So, I knew there was a twist going in – and you can kind of assume what the twist is – yet the movie still really surprised me. There are rumors it may all be a hoax, but whatever. It was crazy. And good.

What have you seen lately?


Charley said...

The Social Network is on my list. The last movie I watched was Casper, the one with Christina Ricci. I was in a mood last night to watch something comforting, and that's one I enjoyed as a kid.

A. said...

I know what you mean about comforting movies, Charley. I have a few of those too - Love Actually, Bend it Like Beckham, Amelie. I think you'll like the Social Network, so I'm excited to see what you have to say about it.

manda said...

We've kind of struck out lately. While we did FINALLY get to a theater to see Black Swan (amazing), The Netflix Queue has been a bummer since we finished the last season of The Wire.

Extract has grown on me since we watched it. The cast (Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and even Mila Kunis-who we both have celebrity crushes on) was amazing.

A Serious Man, was a serious letdown. I will admit, I didn't get it. I was bored. The only excitement was seeing the stuff filmed at Meshbesher while Steven worked there.

The Informant! While it was somewhat interesting, and I get the quirky story-telling and the quirky/crazy character I think it was just a little bit too long and drawn out. Although I fell asleep after the 3rd or 4th turn and woke up refreshed for the "where are they now."

CMS said...

Toy Story 3 (we own it if you want to borrow it), The Kids Are All Right (I liked it, but I don't think Mark Ruffalo's acting was worthy of an Oscar nomination), The Social Network, and Precious. Aaron and I try to go to at least one movie in an actual movie theater (!!) every year, so I'm guessing we'll go to one on our anniversary. Hopefully Black Swan is still in the theater then. I really want to see that one. I've also heard great things about Winter's Bone, 127 Hours, and Murderball (an old one).