Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Babysitters Club

Cool news: Ann M Martin is a writing a prequel to The Babysitters Club. It takes place the summer before Kristy had her big money-making idea.

I loved these books. I think I read 30 of them at least, if not more, so I'm glad the series is getting another chance in the spotlight.

Edited to add: Whitney over at PopCandy also posted about this news. She even mentions the graphic novels, which look really cute!


Charley said...

I was a fan of the BSC series, so this is great news. I didn't get into her Main Street series, though.

willikat said...

I'm actually super disappointed... I read that she's "updating" the originals. I hope they don't get sluttified like Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony (some of MLP have boobs now!) and Dora the Explorer. Sweet Valley High novels have been re-done too, and I heard (but did not read for myself) that the girls are noted to be slimmer than in the first set of novels. Gross.

I guess I just feel like some things are meant to be left alone and be symbols of their time! Plus, if she updates their clothes--stirrup pants are back in style anyway!

I just wish someone would come up with some new, great idea instead.

A. said...


I didn't read that she's updating them. That does suck, especially if updating them means making the girls less wholesome and sweet. Maybe it won't be as bad as some of the others? For example, I think even though the Ramona books have been updated visually on the cover, the stories remain the same. Here's hoping. I agree. Some things are just fine left alone.