Thursday, June 19, 2008

When You're Engulfed in Flames, Part II

Some thoughts:

1. Sedaris is getting older. I think he's around 50 now. And in his experiences and his writing, you can tell. He's more afraid to talk to people (he quit learning French, so really can't talk to people). He doesn't drive. He doesn't cook. He sits around at home a lot. He takes little walks. He relies on boyfriend Hugh to manage their money, fix things around the house, nearly everything. He wears ratty old clothes because he's too afraid he'll wreck new things. While it all seems a little pathetic - you're 50, not 85 - it's all the more hilarious when he writes about it.

2. I love when in his mind he makes assumptions about strangers he meets - usually on a plane, because living in France means he has to take long flights a couple times a year to America. He thinks they're assholes and they prove him wrong, or he thinks they're nice and need his pity and they end up being complete jerks. Totally relateable.

3. His stories about when he and his siblings were kids are so funny. By his actions and expressions, you can tell he was a little gay boy. I wonder if his family knew then, too, or just thought he was little more flamboyant than the other boys? His dad cracks me up. He seems to have no sympathy for stupid kid stuff and you can tell Sedaris and his sister, Amy, definitely got their humor and wit from him. But even though he can be harsh sometimes, you can tell he's proud of his crazy kids.

I have just a few stories left.

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